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Serious happenings in second grade at Fisher!

The second graders at Fisher Elementary School have been busy in the month of March!  All four classes came together and participated in Book Madness, a twist on the very popular March Madness tournament.  Each classroom read eight books from a different author.  The school library provided the classes with books from Cynthia Rylant, Laura Numeroff, James Marshall, and Robert Munsch.  Each class whittled down their selections to one book which made it to the Final Four.

Mrs. Pedersen and Mrs. Rorick’s classes got together, read Ponyella by Laura Numeroff and George and Martha Back in Town by James Marshall, and chose a favorite to reach the championship round.  Miss LiBritz and Miss Passiatore’s classes got together and read The Old Woman Who Named Things by Cynthia Rylant and Kiss Me, I’m Perfect! by Robert Munsch, and chose a favorite to reach the championship round as well.  All four classes got together and listened to Ponyella and The Old Woman Who Named Things. After a vote, Cynthia Rylant’s The Old Woman Who Named Things was crowned the champion!

Not only were the second graders busy hearing some great stories, but they were also researching animals who live in the rainforest.  Students began by building background knowledge on the two types of rainforest; temperate and tropical. After reading books, watching videos, and completing activities, the students chose an animal who lived in the rainforest, grabbed a Chromebook and began their research. Students had to find out where their animal lived, what it looked like, what its predators and prey are, and interesting facts that they may not have known.  Once finished with their research, they completed an animal report and made their very own rainforest explorers.  The students had a great time learning about these unfamiliar and interesting rainforest animals.

After a jam packed March, the students are looking forward to what is to come.  We have lots more planned, such as our own twist on the Amazing Race and student centered biographies.  Stay tuned!