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Ilion-Mohawk staff has first introduction

The staff of the new Ilion-Mohawk Central School District got together for the first time on Friday, Mar. 15. The day had originally been set aside as a half-day Superintendent’s Conference Day, but Mohawk Interim Superintendent Gene Bierne and Ilion Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra decided a full day would give the combined staff a better chance to get acquainted.

The day began with a brief presentation and a question and answer session in the Ilion Junior-Senior High School auditorium. The staff then loaded onto school buses to tour Fisher Elementary, Jarvis Junior-Senior High and Barringer Road Elementary schools. Everyone returned back to Ilion where the Mohawk and Ilion cafeteria staff had prepared a buffet lunch served in the small gymnasium.

Following lunch, everyone broke down into small groups—by department or grade levels—to begin taking the first steps toward merging the individual staffs.