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Jarvis 2nd annual Kids’ Marathon

Jarvis Middle School students are in the midst of a big challenge—cover 25 miles running or walking between Sept. 23 and Oct. 30. Students who complete the distance will run their final 1.2 miles on the Jarvis campus on Oct. 31.

Why a marathon?

At 26.2 miles, many shy away from the challenge of a marathon. The kids’ marathon allows Jarvis students to run or run/walk the full 26.2 miles, but over the course of 6 weeks instead of one day. Participants track the distance they run or run/walk every day. Breaking 26.2 miles into smaller pieces shows that any task becomes manageable taken a piece at a time.

Covering the distance

The goal is to cover the miles wherever a student can. Suggestions include:

  • Use a tread mill and monitor the distance gauge.
  • Run on a track – four laps around the Jarvis track is one mile!
  • Run on established routes that you have measured – twice around Weller Park is one mile!
  • Parents will need to help measure distances for other locations.

When to run?

  • Anytime—morning, afternoon or evening, seven days a week. The only rule is that all 25 miles must be logged between Sept. 23 and Oct. 30 to be eligible for awards and prizes.
  • During school
    • The PE teachers will estimate the distance students run in class and sign log sheets for that time.
    • During Advisory – On certain days, different staff members will be able to monitor students who would like to run on the track to log some of their distance. Most students should be able to cover a mile in less than the 20-minute Advisory period.
  • After/Before school – Students are reminded to get parent permission before running and to only run in established areas. Safety is important!

Encouraging the “non-runner”

  • Almost anyone can cover the distance. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace and within their limits, and yet challenge themselves to do something good for their bodies. Jarvis Principal Melissa Hoskey is confident that if she can accomplish the goal, every grade 5-8 student can as well. She encourages everyone to set his or her mind to achieving a difficult goal and enjoying the reward that comes when crossing that finish line!

Awards and Prizes

  • Participants all enjoy improved health!
  • Finishers receive self-satisfaction from achieving a goal!
  • All students who complete the 26.2 miles (run or run/walk) will receive a certificate of accomplishment at the end-of-year awards ceremonies and a medal on the day of the celebration.
  • All students who complete the marathon as runners (no walking) will be entered into a drawing for an iPod touch.
  • All students who complete the marathon will be entered into a drawing for great prizes:
    • Gift cards
    • Gift certificates
    • Various merchandise