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Jarvis 3rd annual Kids’ Marathon

Photo of finishers

A whopping 111 students completed the 3rd Annual Jarvis Kids’ Marathon.

Jarvis Middle School students again tackled the school’s challenge to commitment, good health and hard work—the final 1.2 miles of the 3rd Annual Jarvis Kids’ Marathon on Friday, Oct. 30.

An excited group of 111 runners completed the final five laps around the Jarvis track, the culmination of their decision to run a marathon distance over four weeks.

The kids’ marathon allows Jarvis students to run or run/walk the full 26.2 miles, but over time instead of a single race. Participants track the distance they run or run/walk every day. Breaking 26.2 miles into smaller pieces shows that any task becomes manageable taken a piece at a time.

The goal is to cover the miles wherever a student can. Suggestions include:

  • Use a tread mill and monitor the distance gauge.
  • Run on a track – four laps around the Jarvis track is one mile.
  • Run on established measured routes – twice around Weller Park is one mile.
  • Parents help measure distances for other locations.

Principal Melissa Hoskey has participated each year to show that if she can accomplish the goal, every grade 5-8 student can as well. She encourages everyone to set his or her mind to achieving a difficult goal and enjoying the reward that comes when crossing that finish line!

A soggy infield

For the second time in three years, rain put a slight damper on the festivities. Event organizers had planned to have the entire Jarvis student body on the field cheering on their classmates, but days of rain left the infield a soggy mess. Non participants stayed indoors watching a movie while runners completed the distance.

For the runners, it was nothing but sunshine. As they completed each lap, a volunteer presented him or her with a string of beads to help count the laps. In the end, those beads were redeemed for a medal signifying the accomplishment.

  • photo of shoe cutouts on the gym wall tracking student progress