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Jarvis expands extracurricular opportunities

This year, Jarvis Middle School offers a wider range of extracurricular activities than in the past. Some meet during school and others outside of regular school. Regardless of  when they meet, each club is designed to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of middle school students.

“We believe student participation in extracurricular clubs and activities can positively address the academic and psychosocial risks that exist during the transition to middle school. Last year, Jarvis offered extracurricular clubs that one would expect in a traditional middle school. Central Valley is not content with tradition. We want to be innovative and are striving to give our students more,” said Assistant Principal Gina Ciaccia.

Why add new activities?

Making the move from elementary to middle school is a big step. Research on that transition indicates:

  • Transitioning to middle school presents academic and psychosocial risks for students.
  • Students who do not experience school connectedness or a sense of belonging are at higher risk of dropping-out.
  • Extracurricular activities help students establish stronger connectedness to their school community and form positive social relationships based on mutual interests.
  • Students from poverty suffer from an engagement gap and school must fulfill different needs for low SES students.
  • Bridging engagement gaps require focusing on the whole child, building relationships, and providing enrichment opportunities.
  • Participation in extracurricular activities has been linked to increased student attendance and higher graduation rates. (Athletic programs alone have been shown to decrease dropout rates by 40 percent.)
  • Extracurricular activities necessitate the application of 21st century skills.

What we now offer

This following list of board-approved extracurricular activities is based on the interests expressed by Jarvis students and teachers:

  • Bridge Building Program (reverse inclusion peer mentoring)
  • Builder’s Club (middle school division of Key Club, a Kiwanis program)
  • Rachel’s Challenge (aims to build culture and community based on the Jarvis Journey)
  • Girls on the Run (physical activity based positive youth development program for girls)
  • No Guts No Glory (physical activity based positive youth development program for boys)
  • WEB Program (middle school orientation and transition pairing 5th graders with 8th grade mentors)
  • Girls Intramural Sports (various after school athletic activities for female fun and skill development)
  • Boys Intramural Sports (various after school athletic activities for male fun and skill development)
  • Dance Club (students experience the wonder of different styles of dance and the joy of performing)
  • Culinary Club (cooking, meal planning, reading recipes, and food preparation)
  • Power Hour (dedicated adult supervised homework assistance one hour after school)
  • School Store (student run business offering basic school supplies and novelty items)
  • Ski & Snowboard Club (weekly evening trips to Woods Valley throughout the winter)
  • Green Team (dedicated to help raise environmental awareness and lead “green” projects)
  • Patrol Club (student security for additional regulation of building events and common areas)
  • Production / PR Club (school stage, lighting, media, and production club)
  • Speech / Debate Club (students prepare persuasive arguments and compete against other teams)

“It is our hope that by expanding the extracurricular offerings at Jarvis, more students will establish that connectiveness and sense of belonging that middle school learners need to be successful,” said Mrs. Ciaccia.