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Jarvis hosts Chinese students for a day

  • Group photo of Chinese students and Jarvis escorts

A contingent of 19 Chinese students spent Wednesday, Feb. 3 at Jarvis Middle School, testing their English skills, learning about American culture and just hanging out with other students.

The young Chinese, who ranged from 7 to 15 years old, are part of a cultural exchange program. The Chinese students travel to the United States, visiting key U.S. landmarks and spending time in U.S. schools.

Each Chinese student was assigned a Jarvis partner and together they followed the Jarvis student’s class schedule. Language was frequently a challenge, particularly for younger students who knew little English. Students spent more than a few moments typing phrases into an iPad translation app as they tried to connect.

Photo of two sneakers

Ella Murphy discovered that she and her Chinese companion shared something in common – a love for Converse All-Stars.

Despite the language barrier, the students hit it off, frequently laughing about situations or sharing their interests.

“This is an awesome chance for Jarvis students to have direct contact with a culture from outside our valley. They discover that despite any differences, kids are kids,” said Principal Melissa Hoskey.

This is the second year Chinese students have visited Jarvis.