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Jarvis marathon is a life lesson

The sun shone and students cheered as Jarvis Middle School completed its Fourth Annual Kids’ Marathon on Monday, Oct. 31. More than 90 students and staff completed four laps around the school track—1 mile—to bring month-long running/walking/jogging totals to the marathon distance of 26.2 miles.

The marathon was part of a school-wide health and physical fitness challenge to cover a marathon in a little less than a month. Students kept daily logs of the distance they covered running in sports, walking to school, jogging for fun or any other leg-powered activity.

For the final distance, volunteers presented each runner with a string of beads for each completed lap. The beads made it simple to keep track of who finished four laps. Runners redeemed their beads with guidance counselor Leon Frost. Mr. Frost presented each runner with a medal to celebrate completing the full distance.

Instruction Technology Coordinator Frank McGrath kept everyone pumped up with music as they ran and spectators shouted encouragement.

In addition to reinforcing the physical fitness message, the marathon teaches students a variety of different skills:

  • Organization: Students had to plan their time over the month to complete the first 25.2 miles before the final run.
  • Perseverance: It takes commitment to tackle something big, whether it’s a long run or a big school project. Even a marathon is doable when broken into “bite-sized” pieces.
  • Do your best: Not everyone is an Olympic marathoner. The goal in life is to set a goal and complete it to the best of your ability.