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Jarvis sixth grade tests winter outdoor sports

On Thursday, Feb. 12, approximately 120 Jarvis sixth graders boarded school buses for a day of aerobic outdoor exercise at the Black River Outdoor Education Program (BROEP) in Boonville. The trip introduced students to cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

“Trips such as these are more than just recreation; they are an important part of students’ education.,” said Jarvis assistant principal Gina Ciaccia.

“We can talk about the nature and the outdoors in school. We can talk about the need for regular exercise. But until students have an opportunity to see and do things for themselves, these are just ideas. This trip makes a variety of science, ecology, health and physical education topics very real.”

Students got plenty of exercise, enjoyed the warmth of the lodge and learned a lesson that cannot be taught in a classroom.

“Thankfully the weather cooperated, making this a rewarding experience for both the teachers and the sixth graders in the beautiful outdoors as many learned a new life long sport. Between fifth and sixth grade many of the students have now experienced hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing at BROEP,” said teacher Eric Boisen.

  • Photo of students cross country skiing