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Jarvis students assist Mohawk FD during Fire Prevention Week

Put on firefighter gear, ride a firetruck, and teach the youngest Thunder to be safe!?! You bet”

Twenty Jarvis Middle School fire safety volunteers answered the call. They included seventh graders Savannah Abeling, Josephine Aney, Trinity Aponte, Corinne Baerman, Mallory Brown, Ryan Clanton, Dakota Desjardins, Kaeleigh Dygert, Taegen Forbes, and Madyson Moschetto, and eighth graders Anthony Crisino, Julia Davis, Arionna Day, Alexandria Duga, Annamarie Lyman, Cecelia Mower, Michael Noonan, Elizabeth Remis, Benjamin Shepherd, and Sierra Stanley.

The students  volunteered with the Mohawk Fire Department on Wednesday, Oct. 9 and Thursday, Oct. 10 to promote fire safety. Each day, Mohawk and Town of German Flats firetrucks pulled up to CVA and transported the student to the fire station. There, they assisted fire department staff and mascot Sparky as they presented safety programs to Central Valley prekindergarten classes as part of Fire Prevention Week Oct. 7-11. The older students helped the youngsters practice various fire safety scenarios such as:

  • “Stay Low and Go” when a building is on fire. (Smoke rises so the lower you can stay means you have a better chance to see and not breath the smoke.)
  • “Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll” if your clothes are on fire. Stopping prevents rushing air from fanning the flames; covering your face with your hand protects your face from the fire; dropping and rolling helps put out the fire.
  • “I Spy Something Hot” and “It’s Okay, Let Them Play” reminds children to think carefully whether something is safe to touch or play with. Fire, matches, candles, and stoves are dangerous.
  • “Practice Exit Drills” and “Go to a Meeting Place” are important ways to prepare. Like school, home fire drills teach us what to do in case of fire. They also remind children where to go, so adults know they are safe.

large remote control firetruck young boy belly crawling on mat
large number of children seated on mats in fire house woman and dog mascot in fire house
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10 people in neon green t-shirts person holding door, person boarding firetruck.