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Jarvis teachers give the gift of reading

On Friday, Jan 26, some Jarvis teachers set up a Take-a-Book/Read-a-Book/Give-a-Book-a-Home display in the school lobby. Their message was simple, “We want you to read!”

Students walking past are welcome to browse the tables. Titles range from Artemis Fowl to Bridge Over River Kwai… from Bailey School Kids for the younger readers to 1846 A Portrait of a Nation for the adolescent history buffs.

“We decided that home and classroom libraries that aren’t being used may find a loving home in the hands of our young readers,” said Karen Casler, one of the teachers who gathered books and set up the display.

Initially, she had wondered it students would be interested. But by Tuesday morning, half of the books had disappeared! By Wednesday afternoon there were just books left—that’s right, FOUR! Now that’s recycling with an educational twist!

boy on left with two girls on the right perusing bookstables in a lobby covered with boxes of books arranged on their sides like bookshelves

girl reaching into a box of booksclose-up of a brown-haired girl with glasses looking at books