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Lead testing update from Dr. Hughes

Dear Parents, Guardians & Staff,

We are pleased to notify you that water fountain samples tested at our elementary and middle schools are below New York’s threshold of 15 parts per billion of lead.

We are awaiting the results from Central Valley Academy and Pathways Academy at Remington and will notify you in writing when those results arrive.

We sampled 689 water outlets in our five buildings in accordance with a new state law signed into effect on Sept. 6, 2016. That law that requires school districts to test potential drinking water outlets for possible lead contamination.

Although drinking water outlets met the standard, 19 sink faucets tested above the threshold. These sinks are used for cleaning and handwashing, but the potential exists for students or staff to use them as a source of drinking water. Of these sink faucets, 16 are at Fisher, one is at Barringer Road, and two are at Jarvis. Again, these are sinks not used for drinking water.

Our drinking water outlets are safe, but we want to be certain our Thunder are protected from any possibility of exposure to harmful levels of lead. For outlets that tested above the threshold:

  • We removed handles from classroom sink faucets making them inoperable.
  • We are replacing non-compliant kitchen and bathroom fixtures and retesting the water.
  • We clearly marked working outlets with an age-appropriate sign warning students not to drink the water. Signs include pictures for students who cannot read.
  • Teachers instructed students concerning drinking water.

For further information, visit our website and click the “Lead Testing” link. You will find general information about lead testing, all test results, the specific location of outlets exceeding the limit, and our remediation progress. For further questions, please call Brady Boyd, Facilities Director II at 894-5000 ext. 55600.


Dr. Richard J. Hughes
Superintendent of Schools