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Lead Testing

On Sept. 6, 2016, Gov. Cuomo signed a law (read the law) requiring public school districts and BOCES to test school water outlets for lead in buildings occupied by students. Central Valley School District has created this page as a resource to keep our community informed of our full compliance, the results of those tests, and any steps we are taking to address any water sources that exceed the law’s threshold of 15 parts per billion (ppb). Note: This threshold is 25 percent stricter than the federal limit of 20 ppb.

Important facts

•  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns that lead can cause health problems in humans, especially in children under six years old. Lead is most often found in lead-based paint and old plumbing. Learn more about lead from the EPA or from the NY Department of Health.

•  The New York state law requires schools to test all water outlets that could potentially be used for drinking water or used in food preparation in student-occupied buildings.

•  Central Valley School District worked with Health and Safety Service Coordinator Adam Hutchinson to complete sampling at Harry M. Fisher and Barringer Road elementary schools in late September. The district completed sampling at Gregory B. Jarvis Middle School, Central Valley Academy, and Remington Pathways Complex in mid October.

•  All samples were sent to a state-approved laboratory to measure the presence of lead.

•  Fisher, Barringer Road, and Jarvis results have returned. The district has not received results for Central Valley Academy and Remington Pathways Academy (BOCES).

•  If any outlet exceeds 15 ppb, Central Valley must notify:

○  The local health department within one business day of receiving the test results,
○  The state Education Department and state Department of Health not more than 10 business days after receiving the test results, and
○  All staff and parents/guardians in writing not more than 10 business days after receiving the test results.

•  For each outlet that exceeds 15 ppb, Central Valley must:

  Immediately remove that outlet from use as a drinking water source,
  Provide students and staff with suitable drinking water,
  Develop a corrective plan that may include replacing the fixture/plumbing, or installing a flushing or filter system, and
○  Retest the outlet to ensure it meets safe levels.

•  Outlets used for handwashing and cleaning may continue in use if labeled with age-appropriate signs (pictures for small children) warning not to drink the water. Staff must ensure children understand the meaning of the signs.

Important resources

•  Superintendent Rich Hughes’ letter explaining lead testing

•  Superintendent Rich Hughes’ letter explaining results for elementary & middle schools

•  Superintendent Rich Hughes’ letter explaining results for Remington building

•  Superintendent Rich Hughes’ letter explaining results for CVA

•  Sign warning students not to drink the water

•  Combined Lab Test Results by Building — These PDFs match the lab test results with a room/outlet description. Outlets exceeding the 15 ppb threshold are highlighted in yellow.

○  Harry M Fisher (Pk-1)
○  Barringer Road Elementary (2-4)
○  Gregory B. Jarvis Middle School (5-8)
○  Central Valley Academy (9-12)
○  Remington Pathway Academy (BOCES)

•  Complete Lab Test Results — These are PDFs of the actual lab results that identify outlets by code. Please refer to the corresponding key to cross-reference the code to a specific room location and outlet description.

○  Harry M. Fisher Elementary (Pk-1)  Lab test results   Outlet cross-reference key
○  Barringer Road Elementary (2-4)  Lab test results   Outlet cross-reference key
○  Gregory B. Jarvis Middle (5-8)  Lab test results   Outlet cross-reference key
○  Central Valley Academy (9-12)  Lab test results   Outlet cross-reference key
○  Remington Pathways Complex (BOCES)  Lab test results   Outlet cross-reference key
○  Outdoor Outlets  Lab test results  Outlet cross-reference key

•  Complete list of outlets that exceed 15 ppb by building