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List of local scholarships – due date April 10

The following scholarship applications may be downloaded from Naviance. Hard copies are also available in the guidance office.

Please note: All scholarships are due on Monday, April 10, except the Mohawk Community Club Award, which is due on April 25.

All scholarships must be handed in to the guidance office. No exceptions will be made for late applications, so please turn them in early.

Marion Brill Scholarship

  • Ilion Resident
  • FAFSA Student Aid Form
  • Essay; Prefer 85% GPA
  • Due Monday, April 10

Mohawk Community Club

  • Minimum GPA of 80
  • Need not be going to college
  • Contributions to the school and area communities
  • 2 references, essay
  • Tuesday, April 25


  • Financial need, 4 year college
  • Copy of FAFSA & Financial Aid Award letter from college you are going to attend
  • Monday, April 10

O’Connor Engineering Scholarship

  • Senior in a certified EAC/ABET Engineering and/or technology program who is in need of financial aid.
  • Special consideration to a boy who has achieved the Eagle Scout ranking. Student shall
    have outstanding recognition in service and citizenship.
  • Monday, April 10


  • Math/Science Major
  • 1 or 2 awards
  • Interview required
  • 2 references, parent letter
  • Monday, April 10

Dorothy Day

  • 1 male, 1 female
  • 100% effort
  • Not strictly an academic award
  • Continuing education
  • Monday, April 10

Robert Carpenter

  • Business or Economics Major
  • Participation in community and/or extra-curricular activities
  • Monday, April 10

Central Valley Academy- one Application

  • Gerstenberg Award 4 year college
    Fisher 2 year college
  • All based on academics, financial need and activities.
  • Need a copy of page 2 of U.S. Income Tax Form showing net taxable income.
  • All information will be confidential.
  • Activity sheet-follow directions. No substitute activity sheets accepted.
  • Deadlines will be strictly followed
  • Monday, April 10

2008 Mega Reunion

  • 1 male
    1 female
  • School/community involvement sports, music, drama, clubs, etc.
  • Volunteer work, church, etc.
  • Respect of fellow students & staff
  • GPA of 80 or above; personal traits of responsibility, diligence, and trustworthiness.
  • Monday, April 10

Mohawk Class of 1977

  • GPA of 80 or above, financial need, shows promise and potential, counselor recommendation,
  • Monday, April 10

Edgar Warren Award

  • Active in church, involved in school and community activities
  • 2 references, short essay
  • Monday, April 10

Jody Tanner Karla Memorial

  • Attending college in fall
  • Positive role model, displayed perseverance, determination, loyalty, honesty, compassion and commitment
  • Special consideration for education or medical career field with a love of Mathematics.
  • Monday, April 10

Missy Lasowski Scholarship

  • 85% GPA or above
  • Demonstrates leadership, a passion for sports, pursuing a higher education
  • Essay involved
  • Monday, April 10

Spoettle Nursing

  • Students attending a program leading to a Bachelor’s degree or the completion of an RN
  • Monday, April 10

Rosemarie “Sal” Congiliaro

  • Going into Education
  • Preference to students wanting to Study ELA or Foreign Language
  • Monday, April 10

Zito Scholarship

  • Student who attended Barringer Rd.
  • Pursuing a career in elementary Ed
  • Good school citizen, respectful, active in school & community
  • Monday, April 10

Dan Ingraham

Recipient will have either lost a parent at a young age or have been raised by a single parent

Kind and compassionate Active in community

Essay required.

Monday, April 10

Lillian Hines Coon

1 male
1 female

A student that is pragmatic, considerate of others and appreciates life

Exhibits potential for personal & professional growth

Essay required

Monday, April 10

Helen Coons Durrett

Student who despite physical or emotional obstacles, displayed great determination and courage


Monday, April 10

Wayne A. Tayler

Student attending HCCC (first preference)

Friendly personality and sincere willingness to help others


Monday, April 10

Pamela J. Moynihan

Senior with an 80 or above average

College or military bound

Short essay on leading characteristics.

Monday, April 10


At least an 80% average in English (9-11 & first 2 quarters of 12th grade)

Character, friendliness, personality

1 letter of recommendation

Monday, April 10

Luella B. Brown

Healthcare, concern for others,


Academic competence in core classes

Paragraph on career goals

1 letter of recommendation

Monday, April 10

Mary Mclean (2 Scholarships)

1. A Female who plans to attend college and major in Mathematics or related field.
2. Student who has worked hard and showed academic improvement.

Monday, April 10

Shirley Springer Scholarship

Ilion Resident

Plans to pursue a degree in Environmental studies, public health or related field.

Monday, April 10

John Fitzer

Pride in community and exemplify leadership abilities; qualities of a dedicated firefighter

Willing to sacrifice in the time of need.

Monday, April 10

Daniel Laymon

Eagle Scout preferred

If no Scout, a senior boy who plans to serve in the military, with preference being given to the US Army or to a senior boy who plans a career in law enforcement

Monday, April 10

Tanya Travis Memorial Nursing

Acceptance letter to nursing program

Essay on why you have chosen nursing

Monday, April 10

C. Laurie Snyder

2 years in a Music Program (not a music award)

Academic excellence and participation in sports, hobbies and community service

Monday, April 10