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Magician carries anti-drug message at Jarvis

Photo of magician with students

Karvell the Magician shared his anti-drug message with Jarvis students.

On Monday, Dec. 8, Jarvis Middle School took on the fight against drug use with humor and wonder as Karvell the Magician shared his “there is no magic in drugs” message with the school’s fifth graders.

For 45 minutes, Karvell delighted the students with magic tricks and jokes carefully blended with warnings of the risks of using drug.

“He also warned students not to be bullied into trying drugs,” said school guidance counselor Leon Frost.

“He told them he had been bullied when he was younger and that they should never be pressured into doing something they knew was dangerous.”

The program was fully sponsored by Whiter-Hendrix Funeral Home. Karvell had approached Scott Hendrix asking his support. Hendrix saw the value and agreed to help bring the message to Jarvis students.

“We’ve been around for 122 years. We do what we can for the kids and the community to make this a better place to be,” he said.

Nationwide, drug use is increasing among all age groups. Local media reports that the use of prescription pain-killers (oxycodone and hydrocodone) and heroin is on the rise.

Mr. Frost said getting this message to young students is one of the best ways  to curb future drug use.

“We are trying reach students early in their lives before they have experimented with or been exposed to drugs. We want to foster a culture that says its okay to not use drugs,” said Mr. Frost.