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Mar. 17 Central Valley updates

The coronavirus situation is ever-changing. Plans we put in place today may change tomorrow. For that reason, I plan to routinely share the latest news with you.  Here is the latest.

Student meals

We began student meals Monday with drive-up service at CVA and Fisher. Our buses delivered meals to central locations in each village and to specific homes along our rural bus routes. We delivered about 300 meals. We know there are many more families who could use these meals, so we are asking participants to tell others. We are also adding additional stops based on feedback from families we met and those delivering. We expect a much higher participation rate Tuesday. Things went well today, thanks to the amazing efforts of so many. The cafeteria staff arrived on short notice, assembling paper bag with PBJ lunches and a breakfast for tomorrow. We know peanut butter is not the ideal choice, but it worked on short notice. We had jelly sandwiches for those with allergies.

We cannot begin to thank the cafeteria people who came in, the bus drivers and bus monitors who helped deliver, and our administrators who handed out meals.  Parents were extremely grateful and the kids were so happy to get their bagged meals that it made it all worth it.  I cannot thank the staff enough who made it happen.  A special thank you also needs to go to Barb Cristman and Chad Francisco who did not even bat an eye to make it all come together.  Thank you to them and their staff who really showed up and did heroic work today.

  • Menu
    Tues. – Turkey sandwiches
    Wed. – Ham sandwiches
    Thur. – Bologna sandwiches
    Fri . – Pizza.


Our facilities staff is hard at work, cleaning and disinfecting our buildings. This is a deep clean – think Spring cleaning. They are attacking the dust and accumulated dirt in our buildings and using the electrostatic sprayer to disinfect all services. Again, thank you to all those tackling this monumental job and again are doing heroic work to make our building as clean as possible.  Thanks to our new Facilities Director Gordon Miller who is leading this charge with his staff. 

Student medications

Our nurses voluntarily came in on Monday and called families whose children receive medication at school. The goal is to return the prescriptions to the families to avoid any interruption in their children’s health care. Thank you nurses for making .

Friday, May 22 Emergency Back-up day cancelled

For obvious reasons, this will be a regular school day. Please plan accordingly.

Buildings and sports facilities closed (including playgrounds)

Our buildings are closed to EVERYONE except our essential staff (facilities, cafeteria, administrators, admin support, certain clerical). The purpose is to maintain social distancing. If a student truly needs something from school, please call your school office.  Please note – this includes all facilities (fitness center, track, playgrounds, etc.)

Continued learning

Our schools are building online materials to review and practice previously taught skills. We will post this information as we go. We understand that this does not reach all of our students – many lack devices or internet access. This is merely a stopgap to keep as many students as possible connected to learning.

Cancellations and postponements

This list will grow as time goes on. A big one is that we have cancelled all CSE meetings until further notice. Please contact Pupil Services with questions. 

State Assessments, SATs, Regents

Without meaning to sound uncaring, “Who knows?” We are collecting information from all sources and will share what we learn. At this point, we are told the SATs will be held as scheduled – again that could change.

Website for news and updates

The district website will be our primary news outlet. Please check it daily for the latest news.

Thank you

We thank all who have reached out to offer support and help.  Thank you for your efforts to encourage student learning at home.

I want you to know that by closing school, we are trying to slow the spread of coronavirus by minimizing person-to-person contact. I know this is hard on families – especially when it comes to child care. Like you, we have many unanswered questions. We will share those answers as we get them.

Follow the rules for social distancing. Try to find the positive—we will get through this together. Be safe.

Jeremy Rich
Superintendent of Schools