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March Madness overtakes CVA Book Club

How do choose a favorite book? Do you stare at a list and pick? And how would you choose a book club’s favorite? Does everyone cast a ballot?

At the CVA Book Club’s monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 17, CVA librarian and club advisor Steve Inzer was determined to make this a literary version of March Madness.

Using the bracket format similar to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, students worked their way through rounds pitting their eight favorite YA titles against each other head-to-head.

In an opening round nail-biter, Divergent squeaked past The Hobbit. The Maze Runner blanked Twilight; Harry Potter surprisingly crushed upstart The Fault in our Stars, while The Hunger Games easily took care of The Giver. In the Final Four, Divergent bested Maze Runner, while Harry Potter devoured Hunger Games (yes, pun intended). And in an epic final, Harry Potter convincingly beat Divergent.

The results came as no surprise to CVA senior and Book Club President Myranda Abel.

“This was a predictable outcome. Divergent was awesome, but did not have the depth or history of Harry Potter. For those of us who read the entire Potter series as kids, Divergent was no match for the nostalgic memories produced by Harry Potter,” she said.

Although Mr. Inzer organized the bracket challenge, he acknowledged the idea was not originally his.

“A friend who is a school librarian in Tupper Lake posted the idea on Facebook. I thought it was great and wanted to pilot the idea here at CVA with a small, but enthusiastic group like the Book Club. Next year I’ll try to open March Madness Book Brackets to the entire school,” he said.


Elite Eight Final Four  Championship CVA Book
Championship Final Four Elite Eight
 Divergent The Fault with Our Stars
Divergent Harry Potter
The Hobbit  Harry Potter
Divergent Harry Potter Harry Potter
The Maze Runner  Hunger Games
The Maze Runner Hunger Games
 Twilight  The Giver