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Meet January’s Fabulous Fisher Friends

In February, Fisher Elementary recognized 103 students as Fabulous Fisher Friends. These are students who demonstrated good character, followed the “golden rule,” and exemplified January’s character word “acceptance.”

Teachers nominate students based solely on their classroom behavior. Principal Fran LaPaglia disqualifies anyone with a report of ill-behavior in the cafeteria or on school buses. The students who remain on the list become Fabulous Fisher Friends.

Fabulous Fisher Friends receive a laminated certificate. The school sends a letter home, congratulating the students’ parents. Parents also receive a cling-on for their cars saying, “My child is a Fabulous Fisher Friend.”

The school also hangs a brightly colored fish poster with the child’s name. Students who receive the award more than once, earns a star on their fish.

“Our district has committed to a character education program that focuses on respect, responsibility and safety. Our goal is to encourage and reward good character in school,” said Mrs. LaPaglia.

Learn more about character education and our Fabulous Fisher Friends in the video below.

January’s Fabulous Fisher Friends:

Alekx-Zander Abanatha, Savannah Abeling, Gerald Alcober, Diane Amendolare, Trinity Aponte, Zachary Archer, Violet Bahrakis, Karleigh Beighley, Brooke Benn, Derek Blake, Lucas Casale, Cade Ciallelo, Edith Cloutier, Ryan Coffin, Zoe Craig, Alyssa Cruikshank, Conner Dager, Ethan Darby, Julia Davis, Jeremy Dennis, Matthew Dennis, Jaxson Denny, Brinlee DesJardins, Dakota DesJardins, Taylor Dicob, Lanni Dyn, Tyler Eaker, Sandra Feria, Natalee Forbes, Emily Forbes, Chera Ford, Delaney Francisco, Aiden Fuller, Alexis Fuller, Giavanna Gatto, Logan Gemelli, Makenna Gemelli, Victoria Gerena, Michael Goodhines, Richard Grabski, Audreanna Greene, Xavier Groomes, Caiden Grower, Connor Guyer, Avery Hayes, Morgan Herringshaw, Julia Hight, Briar Holden, Garth Holmberg, Logan Johannssen, Anthony Joyce, Donald Keeler, Jelani Kelley, Logan Kubecka, Landon LaFountain, Kennedy LaMondie, Luke Lawton, Mercede LeFevre, Hailey Looman, Hailey Loucks, Mackenzy Macrina, Rain Magog, Elizabeth Martin, Aden Mead, Dylan Meszler, Casey Metott, Mason Mika, Chyanne Miller, Hunter Miller, Emma Morey, Madyson Moschetto, Kiyla Moschetto, Mallory Mower, Ella Murphy, Samuel Nesbitt, Christopher Newtown, Michael Noonan Jr., Connor Obreza, Adelyn Palmano, Chelsy Plows, Nicholas Priola, Kyle Reff, Landon Rice, Miles Riley, Leah Rltton, Corbin Roe, Madison Russell, Nathan Shafer, Logan Shedd, Molly Shepherd, Madelyn Spatto, Nathan Sperl, Morgan Stephens, Alyssa Taylor, Xandriah Thomas, Christopher Torres, Lilla Traskey, Dalton Tubia, Austin Tubia, Joshua Wentworth, Elle Wheelock, Michael Yardley, Collin Zaengle