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Campus CMG moves in anticipation of capital project start

Photo of two men looking at plans

Campus CMG Senior Project Manager Scott Burliss and Project Manager Joe Nolan will oversee Central Valley’s upcoming capital project.

Staff, students, and visitors to Central Valley school buildings may see a couple of unfamiliar faces walking around—Scott Bulriss and Joe Nolan of Campus CMG. The two are responsible for overseeing the district’s voter-approved capital project. Their office at Central Valley Academy is in the former middle school office suite.

The two are busy getting everything settled in anticipation of bidding and the start of construction. Both are seasoned veterans, having worked in construction and construction management for more than a combined 40 years. Long before shovels hit the ground or anyone swings a hammer, they are going over plans and finances, and meeting district staff.

Why hire a construction management company?

School districts hire a construction management company to oversee capital projects. The firm makes certain the work is completed safely, according to the plans, on time, and on budget. Some districts use a “clerk of the works” for small projects. This person is often a district employee or local person. The size and complexity of this project, however, requires the expertise and resources of Campus CMG to get the job done.

Who is Campus CMG?

Campus is an employee-owned construction management company. They specialize in K-12 school projects in New York.

What do project managers do?

As Senior Project Manager, Mr. Burliss keeps a close eye on the overall project and monitors project costs and billing. As Project Manager, Mr. Nolan is onsite, handling the day-to-day activities. He makes certain the construction site is clean and safe for students and staff. Together, they schedule individual contractors to make certain work is accomplished in proper order. In a sense, they make certain the district gets what it pays for (materials, quality of work) and contractors deliver as promised (completing specified work as scheduled).

When does the capital project begin?

Central Valley submitted the capital project plans to State Education Department (SED) early last summer. SED is reviewing the plans to be certain they meet the state’s requirements for construction and funding. Once approved, architects and Campus CMG make any changes, if needed. The district then puts out each part of the project for competitive bidding. Contractors have once chance to submit their lowest estimate for the specified work. District officials open and award the work based on the bids. All this should be completed by mid-Spring 2017. Actual construction should begin Spring 2017.

Can they answer my questions about the project?

No, Scott and Joe leave people’s questions to district administrators to answer. Their expertise is getting a project completed, not deciding which room a teacher gets or where parents drop off students during construction.