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Meet student Logan Judd

Logan Judd standing in classroomHi! My name is Logan Judd. I attend Jarvis Middle School and am in fifth grade in Mrs. Murray’s advisory class.

What is your favorite thing about school?

Social Studies class and PE.

What have you learned that you think is important?

That you need to get good grades in school, then you will be able to attend the college that you want to go.

If you could change just one thing about school, what would that be?

I would like to have recess.

What would you like to do for a living some day?

Be a historian.

Do you participate in any activities outside of school? If so, what do you do and what do you like best about those activities?

I participate on many youth sports teams (basketball, baseball, and football). I like best about those activities being with friends and winning.

If you could do anything on a weekend, what would you do?

I would hang out with my friends, go bike riding.

If we were to listen to your iPod or MP3, what would be playing?

I would be listening to country music.

What is your favorite television show or movie?

My favorite movie is the Patriot.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would go to Dallas, Texas because the basketball team the Mavericks and the hockey team the Stars play there.