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To Central Valley families—complete your CEP forms

Central Valley NEEDS these forms completed and returned

Lack of completed forms places school aid and free meals at risk

By now, all households with children attending Central Valley should have received a partially completed Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) Household Income Eligibility Form. Unfortunately, many households are not completing the forms. We’ve created the following Q&A to help explain why the forms are important to our families and taxpayers and to address questions and concerns expressed by residents.

If meals are free, why do we need the form?

New York state and the federal government use this information to help determine our district’s financial aid. Districts with a higher percentage of households that would qualify for free or reduced meals receive more aid. Central Valley officials estimate our aid should be higher, but without actual data, no one can prove it. Without real numbers, district could be forced to choose between giving all students free meals or receiving its proper school aid.

What happens to my form?

Food Services director Barbara Cristman looks at each form, and using a federal formula, determines if that household would have qualified for free or reduced meals under the old Free and Reduced Lunch Program. She reports the total numbers to the New York State Department of Education. No individual information is shared.

Who can see my specific information?

Only Mrs. Cristman. She looks at the completed forms. When she finishes, she places the forms in a binder in a locked office. No one else in the district has access. Once every few years, a state official comes to Central Valley and reviews forms to make certain Mrs. Cristman is using the formula correctly.

Why is only one parent/guardian listed on the form?

We prefilled the form and addressed it to the student’s primary contact as listed in SchoolTool (our student data system). In households having multiple contacts, the software chose whichever was listed as primary.

How do we add contacts to our form?

Simply write in the name(s) in Part 3.

What do I do if there is a mistake on our form?

Simply cross out the incorrect information and write in the correct information.

Who needs to be included on our form?

Include all children attending school in Part 1. Include everyone living in your household, regardless of age or income in Part 3.

How do I return the completed form?

Simply place your completed, signed, and dated form in an envelope or fold the form and tape it closed, then return it to your child’s school or mail it to Barbara Cristman, Central Valley Food Service, 111 Frederick St., Ilion, NY 13357.

What if I didn’t get a form?

Please download a blank form (includes instructions on the back) or call Food Service Director Barbara Cristman at 315-894-5000 x 55302.

What if I have questions or need help completing the form?

Please call Food Service Director Barbara Cristman at 315-894-5000 x 55302 or Cuyle Rockwell at 315-894-5000 x 51111. Both can help you out.