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A message regarding incidents at Jarvis Middle School

Over the past two days, Jarvis Middle School experienced four separate threats against the school.

On the morning of Monday, Mar. 5, a student reported a threat that prompted a school lockdown. On the morning of Tuesday, Mar. 6, students reported two separate threats. In the afternoon of Tuesday, Mar. 6, a student reported a threat. Tuesday’s threats resulted in a shelter-in-place and lockout in the morning and a second shelter-in-place and lockout at dismissal time.

In each case, law enforcement investigated and successfully identified the students responsible. They determined none of the threats were credible and the school’s students and staff were safe.

Members of the Mohawk, Ilion, and Herkimer police departments, the New York State Police, and State Police K-9 units worked together to bring the investigations to successful ends.

Those involved are all middle school students. They have been referred to the courts.

“We will seek the appropriate consequences in these cases, but consequences alone will not solve the problem,” said Central Valley School Superintendent Jeremy Rich.

“Equally important, we need to reach these students before this happens. We need to ramp up the proactive measures we currently take, including mental health awareness, counseling, and building healthy relationships to address students who may be drawn to this kind of behavior.”

He credited school staff working with authorities to uncovering the truth in each case.

“Our teachers and counselors invest themselves daily in our students’ lives, building relationships and trust. Those relationships are a big reason we close out this day, knowing our kids are safe,” he said.