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A message from Mrs. Hoskey

There is no way to put this gently, so I will simply say it. The last two days have been exceptionally difficult for our school community. Each threat has been taken seriously, fully investigated, and brought to a resolution whereby the students responsible were discovered and will be appropriately disciplined.

I spoke to all students today and stressed that their safety is our top priority, even if it puts us in a situation that is uncomfortable or inconvenient.

It is rarely an easy call to make to place a school on lock down, lock out, or hold in place, but know that if that call is made, it is made for a reason. As a parent myself, I understand the concern that you all have about sending your students to school. Two days of disruption and fear cannot be overlooked.

Please know that I understand that. Please also know that your child attends school in a building filled with amazing staff members that have taken everything thrown at them the last two days and pushed through it, working to keep your children calm and safe. Please know that our local law enforcement have done a brilliant job of keeping us safe and working with us to find the students responsible for these acts that have affected us all.

I will be here each day, as will my staff members, and my own child. I cannot say what tomorrow will bring, but I can promise you that we will do everything in our power to keep your children and our school home safe.