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How can I help my middle school student?


Let’s face it, school has changed and that leaves parents unsure about what they can do to help their children be successful.


Jarvis Middle School is offering parents a hand with its Parent Support Series. The next session is 6-8 p.m. on Monday, May 21.

Don’t worry about dinner—there’s pizza for parents in the cafeteria 5-6 p.m.

Don’t worry about transportation, we’re running two buses to get you to Jarvis and back.

What you’ll learn

Choose three half-hour sessions from the following topics shared by our Jarvis staff:

  • Apps for skills review and practice opportunities to prevent the “summer slide”
  • Understanding common trends, changes, and challenges of middle schoolers
  • Specific content area information and graduation requirements
  • BUZZ Learning Platform and how it supports student learning
  • Study Skills in the Content Areas
  • The Importance of Music in Student’s Lives
  • Reading Skills and Strategies
  • DASA: What it means, what it does, how it is reported
  • Graduation Requirements for your child
  • Connections between Social Studies and the Content Areas

Transportation details

Bus 1 picks up:

  • 5:05—Ilion Heights
  • 5:10—Barringer St and 2nd Street West
  • 5:15—Colonial Circle
  • 5:20—Ilion Moose
  • 5:25—Barringer and 2nd Street East

Bus 2 picks up:

  • 5:05—Ilion Elks at West and West
  • 5:10—Otsego Street and Weber Street
  • 5:15—Remington School
  • 5:20—Lower Tolpa

Further transportation assistance can be provided to meet individual needs. Please call (315) 866-2620.