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Mott Marathon proceeds top $10,000

photo of person signing a big check

CVA English teacher and marathon organizer Jim Mott signs a ceremonial check for $10,04.32, the proceeds from this year’s Mott Marathon.

On Friday, June 17, CVA English teacher Jim Mott presented the proceeds of the 2016 Mott Marathon “Jack’s Day” to Melanie Francis, Community Manager for the the American Cancer Society. This year’s total was $10,034.32.

The 2016 marathon featured the most senior runners, the most money raised, and the first time alumni and staff were invited to race. Learn more about this year’s marathon and the results.

Photo of three people holding a ceremonial check

American Cancer Society Community Manager Melanie Francis, CVA teacher Jim Mott, and CVA principal Dick Keeler display the presentation check representing the total proceeds from the marathon.