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Music inspires young minds

Students listen to music every day. They hear it everywhere they go. Music can mold minds, build character and form long lasting relationships. Young students may not realize the opportunities that will come their way becoming involved in a musical arts program.

On Tuesday, May 20, third and fourth grade students from both elementary schools had the opportunity to see fifth and sixth grade chorus, band and orchestra students perform. Some students may not have attended a school concert before so they were able see first hand what it is like to perform with their peers and think about whether they would like to pursue learning how to play an instrument, sing their heart out or maybe try both!

The students in fifth and sixth grade hope they inspired their underclassmen so they too will become part of the music program. This event was put together by the music department in an effort to encourage increased involvement in the musical arts. Students and their parents interested in participating in band or orchestra are invited to attend the district Instrument Recruitment night on June 12 at 7 p.m. in the Fisher Elementary cafeteria.

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