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Musicians perform for BOE

girl intently playing the piano The Central Valley CSD music department showcased some of its talented musicians at the Dec. 14 board of education meeting.

Alto Lydia Engel and pianist Caroline Gardner, who represented Central Valley at the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Conference All-State, each performed a piece on an evening that acknowledged the diversity and accomplishments of the district’s music students.

Music students have the opportunity to sing or play an instrument at a local NYSSMA competition. Independent judges rate the student’s performance. Those scores are compared to other students around the region. Those receiving the highest scores may earn a spot at a regional or statewide workshop and performance. Central Valley is an area leader, sending a higher percentage of it students to advanced performances than other schools in the region.

girl in gray dress and white sweater singing

During the board meeting, Mr. Bunce read off the name of each student who had gone on to Area or Conference All-State NYSSMA conferences:



Large group of student standing onstage


Conference All-State

  • Erica Thorp, Soprano II (Alternate)
  • Lydia Engel. Alto II (Treble Choir)
  • Caroline Gardner (Piano Showcase)

Area All-State Orchestra

  • Brent Riesel
  • Madilyn Thomas

Area All-State Treble Choir

  • Bethany Feldman
  • Samajia Jefferson
  • Katelyn Judson
  • Hayley Stefanec
  • Mary Sweeney

Area All-State Mixed Choir

  • Abby Brown
  • Michael Dihrberg
  • Lydia Engel
  • Noah Geloso
  • Dan Harter
  • Rew King
  • Sara Marmet
  • Seth Myers
  • Donald Overacker
  • Dan Paddock
  • Sam Scalora
  • Michael Scoutten II
  • Jacob Seeger
  • Brandin Smalls
  • Ryan Talarico
  • Destiny Tayler
  • Erica Thorp
  • Dakota Turk