group of people, car, grass, outdoors
Tent, outdoors, man lying down inside
group of 11 dancers in various costumes, gymnasium
man and small boy cut a ribbon with a giant pair of scissors while crowd of students watch
cadets in uniform standing at attention in gymnasium
two young men, whiteboard, U.S. flag, trophy, medallions
Central Valley Foundation logo includes hands  cupping a leafed out tree
classroom, six students standing, cart filled with boxes, floor covered with large garbage bags
gymnasium, tables, crowded, people seated and standing talking, smiling
9 people standing, giant check for $650
NNDCC cadets in uniform on bleachers in gym
Face mask
7 peopel outdoors, winter clothes, parking lot, donation kettle, sign
Once on this island poster. graphics of two people dancing, water, fish
test kit box
screenshot of honor roll list
screenshot of chart with names