Banner of text  included in article. Man speaking
Woman smiling, outdoors, trees, children in background
large group of students on risers, holding certificates, in front of generosity banner
Girl holding a book in a class, young students at desks
students at the serviing line in cafeteria
long table covered with packaged food and clothing
Three people, smiling indoors
Hiring Now image with blue clock as letter O. Blue background white font
giant highway snowblower. students, outside, parking lot, cars
Group of students on risers holding certificates, giant Gratitude sign behind
List of students
List of student names
Front of school, stairs, flag, shrubs
portion of the calendar
Winter graphic pine trees, snowflakes, deer and paint palette with paint brushes
Foundation logo, open hands cupping a tree
Large group of students on risers with giant empathy sign
girl kneeling with dog, classroom, shelves, books, totes