foundation logo. oval surrounding open hands cupping a tree.
sun graphic, connected community schools graphic and text
Graphic running shoe, football, soccer. tennis racket, lacrosse stick, pom pom
outside view of school, concrete pillar, glass wall
front of school building, doors, steps, flag
2 men seated at table in office, door, photos on wall
paint splattered on page with text
list of names
two photos, one of students playing foosball, one of students crawling into bounce house
sun graphic, book graphic, text saying summer reading program, summer 2023 Jarvis Middle School
Group of students standing on auditorium riser, holding certificates, word courage projected behinds
Closeup smiling children holding certificates
students wearing caps and gowns walk through glass doors, waving
Adirondack Bank Center Logo and Link
graphic, setting sun, 2023 summer kick-off event
Summer Enrichment Camps graphic with multiple colored letters
Four students holding certificates, smiling
5 people standing in hallway, glass trophy case
Group of students surrounding costumed bear mascot