CVA is launching a new website

Visitors to will discover a completely new look.

Central Valley CSD is in the midst of launching a new website. The site is part of a suite of apps that will integrate the district website, emergency notification system, and social media accounts, with a new mobile app.

The district homepage is divided into four main sections:

  • The gallery - photos and general information
  • News
  • Events - a calendar of events
  • Live Feed - short items of interest that will be "pushed out" to anyone with the Central Valley mobile app

School-specific information will be found on each school page. Those pages are linked through the "Schools" tab.

Other information can be found under the "Menu" tab or through the search function at the top of the page.

"Our goal is to make our school information easily accessible across all communication platforms," said Superintendent Jeremy Rich.

"We especially like the idea that the mobile app will provide key information in a phone-friendly format. It won't simply point the visitor back to the website."

Watch for the app

Later this summer, Central Valley will launch a campaign, inviting anyone to download the mobile app. App users will select the type of information they want to receive—district, individual buildings, etc. The goal is to let stakeholders choose they school news that interests them.

Please be patient while we build

Visitors will find the site is currently under construction. Each day, the communication team is updating links and adding information. The site will be functional by Aug. 1.