Two men smiling, office, holding plaque
Group photo of elementary students, teacher, four high school boys, standing and kneeling
Three posters about open on school breaks, easter egg hunt, spring craft evet
Student heads partially hiding words you can do it
Student art piece
images of Pre-K and kindergarten flyers content in article
Large group of students seated on floor and standing
circus tent graphic, balloons, text be kind carnival
Two posters, content in article
boy arranging index cards on whiteboard
art displayed in large bank of windows behind row of chairs
Girl holding a book in a class, young students at desks
Front of school, stairs, flag, shrubs
Winter graphic pine trees, snowflakes, deer and paint palette with paint brushes
Foundation logo, open hands cupping a tree
3 people smiling in front of banner, middle person holding plaque
school graphics, crayons, clock, glue, computer
soccer ball
text: summer enrichment camps