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On Monday, Dec. 7, health officials notified Central Valley that an individual at Barringer Road Elementary School had tested positive for COVID-19. Because this person had primary contact with three classrooms, those students will need to quarantine. 

Affected classrooms to be remote

All students in the identified classrooms will learn remotely until the Herkimer County Health Department determines when each class can resume in-person learning.

"Our COVID plan is enabling us to pivot seamlessly," said Superintendent Jeremy Rich.

"The students took home their Chromebooks and other materials to continue learning at home. Their teachers will provide virtual instruction. We have practiced virtual learning skills in the class and on our districtwide Learn from Home day, so we expect the temporary change will be easier to manage. All other Barringer Road students and staff will report to school as usual."

Under current guidance, anyone who tests positive and everyone in that person’s household must quarantine. Anyone who had direct contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more) must also quarantine.

How quickly will I know if my student was exposed?

Central Valley staff is assisting the Herkimer County Public Health Department to contact families as quickly as possible. The department has limited resources, so school staff is working to speed that process. All affected families will know by the end of school on Monday, Dec. 7

What role does the school play?

Central Valley does not decide who is tested or quarantined. We simply notify the Herkimer County Public Health Department when we learn of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. We also provide the health department with information to assist with contact tracing and follow health department instructions to protect students and staff. We share that information as it becomes available. Please understand that we adhere to all laws protecting personal information.

Does student learning continue during quarantine?

Yes, we are prepared. We designed our current learning model so that we could pivot in a case such as this. Many of our teachers already teach a mix of in-person and virtual learners. Our students have practiced the skills they need to learn at home. Our teachers and quarantined students should have little problem continuing teaching and learning. Students will join a classroom and receive instruction over the internet. If your family does not have internet access, please reach out to your school principal. Most Central Valley students have a district-issued Chromebook. If they do not, students in quarantine will receive one.

Is my student safe?

Central Valley is following all guidance to keep our school family safe. We wear masks, social distance, and sanitize regularly. We keep students in smaller groups and do our best to avoid mixing those groups. We maintain careful records to help contact tracing in case of possible COVID-19 exposure. As an additional precaution, our staff is spending extra time to deep clean and sanitize any areas used by students who had primary contact with the COVID-positive student. Although no system is perfect, we are diligent in our efforts to protect students and staff.

Please feel free to contact your Barringer Road Principal Aaron Carey or Superintendent Jeremy Rich with any questions or concerns.