Grade 9-12 hybrid classes to begin March 15

Central Valley Academy will bring back students for in-person learning under a hybrid model beginning Monday March 15.

Superintendent Jeremy Rich informed school staff on Tuesday, Feb. 23 and discussed the plan publicly at the district regular board of education meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 24. He announced it to the full community in a video posted to the district's Facebook and Twitter pages and the below.

Under the plan, CVA students will attend school in person two days each week and take classes online the other three. Mr. Rich said the building will only have 230-240 students in the person on any day, which allows for adequate social distancing.

The district surveyed CVA parents and guardians to determine who would want their children to attend in-person and whether they would need school transportation. Roughly 60 percent  responded their students would return to the building when in-person classes resumed.

Mr. Rich said that transportation had been a hurdle. Most of those questions have been answer, but he expects that the district will need to work out bugs that first week. To avoid disruptions to elementary schools transportation, Fisher and Barringer Road will be virtual on Monday, Mar. 15. Jarvis and CVA will attend hybrid or virtual classes as scheduled.

For more details, listen to Mr. Rich's message to the community: