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The Central Valley CSD Foundation has recognized eight individuals as the Central Valley Central School District Foundation's CVCSD students and employees of the second quarter. 

“We are happy to have the opportunity to recognize students who stand out for their academics and good character,” said Molly Bonnell, Foundation publicity chairperson. “It’s also a great way for us to let district employees know their dedication to our school community hasn’t gone unnoticed, especially as they have adapted to such a challenging school year.”

The recognition program, which was implemented during the 2019-2020 school year, acknowledges up to four students and employees each quarter with the hope that there will be recipients from each school building: Fisher and Barringer Elementary Schools, Jarvis Middle School, and CVA High School, as well as the CVCSD bus garage.

Second quarter student recipients are Aubrie Crozier, a third grade student at Barringer Road Elementary School; Destiny Hopkins, a fourth grade student at Barringer Road Elementary School; and Rain Magog, a seventh grade student at Jarvis Middle School. No nominations were received for CVA High School or Fisher Elementary School.

The employee recipients are Julie Ball, fourth grade teacher at Barringer Road Elementary School; Jon Brown, custodian at Barringer Road Elementary School; Rebecca Clapper, Fisher Elementary School principal’s secretary; Tara Raux, Teacher’s Union president; and Brandy Vogel, nurse at Fisher Elementary School. No nominations were received for Jarvis Middle School, CVA High School, or the CVCSD bus garage.

Community members who would like to nominate a faculty or staff member for the quarterly recognition can find the nomination form at www.cvalleycsdfoundation.org or on the Central Valley Central School District Foundation Facebook page. Selected employees and students will be announced near the end of each marking period.

Contact JoAnn Duga at joanndugaCVAFoundation@yahoo.com or at 315-894-3116 for a form to nominate any CVCSD Employee of the Quarter or for more information about the Foundation.