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Central Valley CSD is seeking community input to explore ideas to close academic and social and emotional learning gaps created by the COVID shutdown.

The end goal is to identify the gaps that exist and to identify ways to close the gaps. The effort will be funded by federal monies distributed by each state to reduce the impact of COVID on our students.

Please read the following information and click the link to take a very brief survey. Click here to complete the survey.

We need your help — how to “close the gap

What do you mean “gap?”

In a normal year, we expect students to make a certain level of progress in their academic learning and their social and emotional learning (SEL). The COVID shutdown disrupted traditional school and student progress. As a result, there will be “gaps” that we will need to address.

Where does this money come from for this work?

The federal government is offering schools money under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act and American Rescue Plan.  Think of it like those economic stimulus checks most Americans received - except this is for schools. Like those stimulus checks, we don’t know if or how long they will continue in the future, so we want to invest them wisely. Learn more from the NYS Education Department.

How can we use the money?

The government is providing these funds to help close the gaps in students’ academics and in their social and emotional learning. It is up to us to find the most effective ideas and put them in place.

How can you help?

As parents and guardians, you are closest to your children. You see things that maybe we don’t. Or maybe, you have ideas we haven’t considered. We need you to help us answer these two questions. (Click here to complete the survey.)

Who can take the survey?

We invite anyone who has contact with our students—parents, guardians, and other community members—to share their thoughts.

What happens with these ideas?

We will combine your ideas with those we collect from teachers and school administrators. Our school leaders will review the ideas and suggestions to create activities and programs to help “close the gap.”