large group of students on risers, holding certificates, in front of generosity banner

On Tuesday, Jan. 3, Jarvis Middle School recognized students who demonstrated December's character theme—generosity.

To receive the honor, students must demonstrate generosity— the willingness to give, to share of one's time and/or resources, without an expectation that the gift or act will be returned. Student names are announced over the daily announcements. At the end of the month, nominated students receive a certificate, gather for a group photo, and are entered in a prize drawing.

"Generosity and the holidays go hand in hand," said Assistant Principal Jessica Bowman.

"The holiday season is very commercial and can be filled with wants. This month's theme helped our students focus on gifting and doing for others."

To learn more about December's theme of generosity, watch the slideshow shared during a school assembly. 

Generosity honorees

Grade 5

Maria Bennett, RaeLynne Brewer, Abby Chandler, Aubrey Crozier, Dean Duryee, Hartley Edick, Chloe Green, Altyn Huffman, Altyn Huffman, Christian Johnston, Tessa Keeler, Adalyn Klink, Adalyn Klink, Alexander Lucas, Riley McGraw, Hannah Mula, Alexzander Murray, Mia Ponte, Bionca Prokopienko, Pippa Rappa, Hannah Reff, Sophia Shepard, Alex Soto, Lindsey Swick, Lindsey Swick, Emma Terrell, Rory Williams

Grade 6

Zaiden Angle, Kiley Beam, Vinny Chase, Aaidyn Huffman, Aaidyn Huffman, Easton Kolberg, Easton Kolberg, Eve Lugo, Brynlee Metott, Sincere Millan, Corbin Nelson, Lily Osley, David Perry, Marell Pinney, Marell Pinney, Marell Pinney, Alexander Riesel, Christopher Shufelt, Bryce Talarico, Vadim Tur, Kayden Wright

Grade 7

Connor Benjamin, John Clements, Brody Donahue, Wyatt Fike, Victoria Gerena, Jacey Hight, Jacey Hight, Logan Johannssen, Logan Kubecka, Alexis Lee, Mayah Medina, Payton Murphy, Quinn Pickett, Lindsey Praznik, Lindsey Praznik, Arianna Renshaw, Aiden Sheffler, Deven Windecker

Grade 8

Violet Bahrakis, Madison Bryant, Marissa Crisino, Marina Dudek, Marina Dudek, Peyton Flihan, Michael Goodhines, Stella Knopka, Jesse Postol, Bradi Risi, Chloe Rose, Molly Shepherd, Shane Treen, Brayden Voorhees