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Central Valley Academy, in conjunction with Herkimer County, will host motivational speaker Stephen Hill for two special events:

  • On Tuesday, Mar. 7, 7-8:30 p.m. he will present "Not My Kid" to the general public at Little Falls High School (the event is free), and 
  • On Friday, Mar. 10, Mr. Hill will work with CVA students during the school day.

Mr. Hill speaks from experience. Ten years of active drug and alcohol addiction nearly cost him his life. He barely graduated from high school, dropped out of numerous colleges, was arrested several times, lost his friends and cost his family emotionally and financially. In 2012, he entered a 180-day recovery program. He slowly crawled back from the darkness through inner strength, patience, hard work, and the support of others around him. Today he is a coach, an attorney, and an author. He has shared his story with more than 400 schools, drug-free groups, and organizations across the country.

Mr. Hill's story is a cautionary tale of how easily it is for anyone to slip into addiction - regardless of wealth, intelligence, family background etc.  His story is hard for him to share, but worth it if it helps just one person.