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Outdoor Adventure Club updates

Group photoCVA’s Outdoor Adventure Club hit the cross-country ski trails on Wednesday, Feb. 17.  Despite heavy rains, trails at the Osceola Ski Center were in fine shape thanks to significant snowfall on the Tug Hill Plateau earlier in the season. Conditions were good for a fun and safe day of skiing.

The group left CVA at 8:15 a.m. with a hearty group of eight adventure seekers. The early arrival got the group fitted into ski boots and out on the trails before other customers began pouring in. As always, the first snow “bump” on the trail gave the newbies some trouble. After some silly body contortions and face plants in the snow, everyone was striding down the trails.

Cross country skiing is demanding, leaving most of the group exhausted before lunch. A few of the more experience returned to the trails for another circuit of skiing. Everyone departed the center at 1:30 p.m., made a quick stop at McDonalds, and returned to CVA at 3:30 p.m.

The day would have been uneventful except a set of car keys left back at the ski center. An unhappy parent made two and a half hour roundtrip to retrieve the keys. At least the keys were at the center and not buried in a snow bank somewhere on the ski trail.

Despite the “forgotten key incident”, everyone had a great day skiing and hanging out with each other.

The group had planned to attend the Banff Film Festival at Utica College the preceding day. The festival, a collection of outdoor adventure films from around the world, was cancelled due to a rain and ice storm that left the film presenter stranded in Rochester.