Central Valley School District offers a well-rounded education that is rich in the arts. It is the district’s belief that the arts help develop creative skills, enhancing a student’s ability to grasp and communicate complex ideas across all curricula. In other words, the arts improve student performance in all subjects, from language to math and science.

Students at Central Valley have the opportunity to participate in performing and visual arts as part of their school day, as well as after school. Below is a sample of the offerings:

Performance Arts

  • Vocal music begins in the elementary school and steadily increases in complexity and rigor through middle school. In the high school, vocal electives include chorus and select choir.

  • Instrumental music begins in late elementary school when students have the option to begin band and orchestra lessons. Students refine their skills throughout middle school and high school having the opportunity to participate in a wide range of ensembles.

  • Drama begins in elementary school through classroom presentations. Middle school and high school students can ultimately participate in the acclaimed CVA musicals, which have included Bye Bye Birdie, Phantom of the Opera and Shrek the Musical.

Visual Arts

  • Visual arts begin in the elementary school and continue throughout high school.