Barringer Road Supply Lists

updated 7/6/22

Grade 2

Please make sure that your child's name is labeled on any items that he/she brings.

  • One Crayon box (hard case)/pencil box (to keep items in desk organized)

  • Two 24-count boxes of crayons

  • One pack of dry-erase markers

  • Two large glue sticks

  • One composition notebook

  • Two boxes of yellow pencils SHARPENED - NOT the plastic covered decorative kind/ Ticonderoga brand is best

  • One box of pencil top/cap erasers

  • scissors

Grade 3

  • One 1-subject notebook (wide-rule)

  • One 24-count crayons (no larger)

  • One box of colored pencils

  • scissors

  • One highIighter

  • One pencil bag (no boxes)

  • 24 sharpened #2 pencils (Ticonderoga if possible)

  • cap erasers

  • One glue stick

  • One red plastic pocket folder

  • One plastic pocket folder (any color but red)

  • earbuds or headphones

  • One pack of multiplication flash cards (0-12)

  • One black Sharpie

  • Optional - gallon-size Ziploc bags

Grade 4

Mrs. Beigh, Mrs. Canipe, Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Marusic, Mrs. Szratter, & Miss LaVine

  • Four packages of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga brand sharpened is the best!!)

  • Two packages of Cap Erasers

  • One 24-pack crayons (may need to be replaced later in the year)

  • Personal earbuds or headphones (in a labeled baggie)

  • One highlighter

  • One 2-pack black Expo erasable markers

  • One composition notebook

  • one box of tissues

  • Plastic Folders labeled with your child's name in permanent marker:

    1 - yellow,

    1 - green

  • Boys: one pack of colored pencils

  • Girls: On pack of thick markers