Business Office

The Business Department provides accounting, budgeting, and payroll services.

Contacting the Business Office

What we do

Under the direction of the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools, the Business Office:

  • Oversees district finances and ensures that the district adheres to district and state laws, policies, and procedures regarding finances,

  • Educates staff on purchasing procedures,

  • Works cooperatively with other school districts and agencies to seek the best prices for products and services our schools use to educate and transport students, and to maintain our facilities,

  • Seeks innovative ways to reduce expenditures,

  • Ensures employees are compensated according to their contracts, including salaries, insurance, retirement contributions, and days off,

  • Ensures retirees receive the benefits to which they are entitled,

  • Assists the board of education and administration in preparing the district’s budget,

  • Provides Herkimer County data to generate school property tax bills and collect taxes,

  • Files required forms and reports with the New York State Education Department,

  • Oversees the receipt and disbursement of district funds, and

  • Maintains the district’s financial records.

Integrity and Transparency

The Business Office takes numerous steps to ensure fiscal integrity and transparency.

  • An Internal Claims Auditor reviews each check (except payroll) prior to its release to confirm it is an authorized and budgeted expense.

  • Annually, an independent accounting firm conducts an external audit of district finances. (View a copy of the audit and the district response). This is the document provided by the accounting firm, it is not an accessible PDF. For support or questions, please contact our business office at 315-894-5000 or email Business Administrator James Humphrey

  • Annually, Questar III BOCES State Aid and Financial Planning service conducts an internal audit to insure practices follow district policies and procedures. Internal Claims Audit Review

  • Every three to five years, the New York State Comptroller’s Office audits the district’s finances, policies, and procedures, assuring the public that the school district has been a faithful steward of public funds.

  • Annually, the Business Office submits fiscal accountability forms to the New York State Comptroller's Office that details the allocation of district spending at each building. School-level transparency A-E pdf, School-level transparency Narrative pdf, ESSA Financial Transparency Report - District Level Actual Expenditures.pdf (Note: These forms are generated by the State of NY and are not handicapped accessible. Sight impaired visitors are asked to contact Central Valley Administrator James Humphrey at 315-894-5000 with any questions.)

  • Foundation Aid Increase - In accordance with state requirements, Central Valley provides this information explaining how the district will use the 2023 increase in foundation aid.

  • ARP ESSR - In accordance with state requirements, Central Valley provides this information explaining how the district will use funds provided under the federal American Recovery Act of 2021—Elementary and Secondary Schools Relief grants.

Fraud Reporting

School employees, taxpayers, and citizens can anonymously report any suspected fraud or abuse via this online fraud reporting form. Results are delivered to District Business Administrator James Humphrey.

Business Office Documents.