What happens when elementary school closes?

Elementary Learning Scenarios 

The following represent three instructional scenarios in the event the elementary grades (PreK-4) are closed.  At this time, there is no formal plan to switch to scenario #3—ALL students to remote learning. The district will continue to evaluate each scenario based on feedback from teachers and parents/guardians.   

Scenario #1 -  One-Day Closure

Example - Snow Day/Emergency Day for contact tracing purposes: 

  • A packet was placed and will remain in the students’ take-home folder.  The packet will be used in the event of the FIRST snow day or an emergency closure that may allow the district to contact trace. 

  • Teachers will reach out to parents through Class Dojo and/or phone on this day to check in with the student.

  • The completed packet will be returned the next school day.

  • This will ONLY be used for our First Snow day and/or an Emergency Day.

Scenario #2 - Short Term Virtual Instruction

Example - Quarantined student -This scenario is used for a student that may need to quarantine due to COVID-19 primary exposure or a short-term illness. 

  • This schedule will ONLY be used if your child needs to quarantine due to a COVID exposure.

  • The student will be given a “short-term” schedule in their take-home folder. They will be required to Zoom in for the daily core subjects and specials (core subjects daily; ELA, Math, Writing, Morning Meeting, and Specials).

  •  A parent letter explaining the information will be included with the schedule in the take-home folder.

  • A guide for the student’s login information will also be included in the take-home folder.

  • A time will be set up by the student’s classroom teacher to pick up a  Chromebook and necessary learning materials for when they are out.

Scenario #3 - Long Term Virtual Instruction

Example - This scenario may be the result of an executive order from the governor for schools to switch to all virtual learning PreK-12 for a longer period of time OR the superintendent decides to go virtual for an extended period of time.

  • This schedule will only be used if ALL (PreK-4) students go fully remote for an extended period of time.  

  • The classroom teacher will provide a schedule that is specific to each student and represent a split of two groups; an AM and a PM group.   

  • Specials will remain the same no matter what group students have been placed in. 

  • Students will be sent home with a virtual resource bag that represents items they may need for instruction. Parents should keep this bag in a safe place and take it out if/when it is needed for all virtual learning. 

  • A time will be set up by the student’s classroom teacher to pick up a Chromebook and necessary learning materials if/when it is needed for all virtual learners.