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District Office

111 Frederick St.
Ilion, NY 13357
315-894-9934 phone
315-894-2716 fax

Superintendent’s Office

Jeremy Rich, Superintendent,
Stacey Griffith, Secretary to Superintendent,
Alaine K. Canestrari, Assistant Superintendent,
Sally McCann-Kramas, Director of Elementary Education & Human Resources,
Tammy Morgan, Secretary to the Directors,

Business Office

James Humphrey, Business Administrator,
Lisa Van Winkler, Treasurer,
Nicki Bailey, Payroll,


315-574-3108 phone
Jim Mott, Athletic Director,
Gordon Miller, Director of Facilities II,
Kolleen Rice, Secretary to Sports & Eligibility Coordinator and Buildings & Grounds,

Facilities staff listing


315-894-5000 ext 51111 phone
Cuyle Rockwell, District Communications,
315-894-5000 ext 55552 phone
Tammy Morgan, District Communications,

Food Services

315-894-5000 ext 55302 phone
Dominick Mauro, Director of Food Services,

Food Service staff listing

Student Services/Special Education

111 Frederick St.
Ilion, NY 13357
315-574-3115 phone
315-574-3116 fax

Jeremy Kozak, Director of Student Services,
Tracy Voce, CSE/CPSE/504 Chairperson,
Connie Wren, Secretary,
Kristara Bly, Secretary,


22 East Main St.
Mohawk, NY 13407
315-866-2140 phone
315-574-0023 fax

Chad Francisco, Transportation Director,
Krista Crouchman, Transportation Assistant,

Transportation staff listing