Food Services

Central Valley Food Service provides our students with nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch every day school is in session. Meals eaten on campus are free of charge through the Community Eligibility Provision, a federal program that helps underwrite school meal costs in economically disadvantaged communities. Additional items or extra meals are available for purchase using cash or MySchoolBucks. For questions or more information, please contact Food Service Director Dominick Mauro at 315-894-5000 ext 55302 or


Cafeteria Prices

All students receive free meals in school.

Note: CEP requires the school to provide a complete meal. Individual items, additional items or second meals are not included under the program.

Grades PreK-1

  • Extra breakfast is $1.25

  • Extra lunch is $2.10

  • Extra milk is $0.50

  • Extra lunch entree is $1.25

Grades 2-4

  • Extra breakfast is $1.25

  • Extra lunch is $2.40

  • Extra milk is $0.50

  • Extra lunch entree is $1.65

Grades 5-12

  • Extra breakfast is $1.25

  • Extra lunch is $2.50

  • Extra milk is $0.50

  • Extra lunch entree is $1.85

Ice Cream

  • Lo-fat Chocolate Sundae Cup – 3 oz. .55

  •  Lo-fat Vanilla Cup – 3 oz. .55

  • Lo-fat Chocolate Cup – 3 oz. – .55

  • Lo-fat Birthday Cake Yogurt Cup – .55

  • Lo-fat Cotton Candy Cup – 3 oz. -.55

  • No-fat Vanilla Yogurt Cup – 4oz. .60

  • No-fat Raspberry Cup – 4oz. – .60

  • Reduced-fat Mighty Mini Vanilla Sandwich -.60

  • Lo-fat Cookie n Cream Cone – .75

  • Lo-fat Crazy Cone – .75

  • No-fat Birthday Cake Twister Cup – .75

  • No-fat Cotton Candy Twister Cup – .75

  • Reduced-fat Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches – .75

  • Reduced-fat Brownie Batter Ice cream Sandwich – .75

  • Reduced-fat Minty Mint Ice Cream Sandwich – .75

Track charges, prepay, or pay balances with MySchoolBucks

Keep track of your child’s school charges, put money in your child’s account or pay any balance with MySchoolBucks. Learn more about the MySchoolBucks program. Please note: MySchoolBucks has raised the transaction fee from $1.95 to $2.75.

Complete your household income form

Form has nothing to do with free meals

Although Central Valley provides free meals to all students who eat in Central Valley schools, the district risks losing a portion of its federal school aid because parents are not completing household income forms. Please help by filling out one Community Eligibility Provision Household Income Eligibility form per household. All families should complete the form (unless they receive SNAP, Medicaid or TANF benefits).

Community Eligibility Provision Household Income Eligibility form

All students receive free meals in school

Central Valley School District provides school meals to all students eating at Central Valley under the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program. CEP is a provision from the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 that allows schools with high poverty rates to provide free breakfast and lunch to students regardless of household income.

Note: CEP requires the school to provide a complete meal. Individual items, additional items or second meals are not included under the program.

CEP does not eliminate the need to complete the Community Eligibility Provision Household Income Eligibility form. All families should complete the form (unless they receive SNAP, Medicaid or TANF benefits)

What is a complete meal?

A student must choose:

  • One serving of fruit or vegetable


  • Two servings (one from two of the following categories):

    • Meat or meat alternate

    • Grains/breads

    • Milk

The chart below shows examples of items that might be offered at a meal:


Meat/meat alternate






lo-fat sausage, lo-fat yogurt

canned or fresh fruit, fruit juice

not normally offered

cereal, toast, bagel, muffin, pancake

1% or skim milk


cheeseburger, taco, chicken fingers

canned or fresh fruit

tossed salad, hot vegetable

roll, pizza, sandwich

1% or skim milk

Wellness Policy

Under the Central Valley Central School District Wellness Policy, all four Central Valley schools will put greater emphasis on educating children about making healthy food choices, encouraging students to exercise by making it more fun than work, and make sure children are making healthy food choices while at school.

Important notice for parents of children with food allergies

If your child has food allergies, you must provide us with written documentation from your child’s physician. The medical doctor must provide all relevant information including medical orders, written out on a prescription form. As with all school medical information, you update this every year. Please help us protect your child by making sure we have this important information on file.

NutriKids Cafeteria Management Program

NutriKids Cafeteria Management Program

The cafeteria utilizes the NutriKids cafeteria management program. It is a computerized system that will allow us to accomplish several important things that are of benefit to you and the students. The time in line at lunch should be reduced, any stigma that children on free or reduced lunch feel will be gone and parents can avoid having to provide their children with lunch money each day.

PIN’s for Students!

Each student has an “account” with the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch. This is a debit account (not a credit account), which means that money is deposited into the account and the student can purchase food items using that account. Each student has a unique PIN which he will keep for the remainder of his time in our school district. At mealtime, the student simply enters his or her PIN and the computer accesses their account. If there is money in the account, the purchases are deducted. If the student is eligible for the free or reduced meal program, the computer knows the status automatically and charges nothing or the reduced amount, as if the student had money in the account. If there is no money in the account and the student is not eligible for free meals, the purchase is charged and the student now has a negative account balance which must be paid the next day.

What Are the Benefits?

  • You know where your money is going. Only food items can be purchased.

  • Cash cannot be taken out of an account.

  • You can pay with a weekly, monthly or yearly check. You can avoid the hassle of providing lunch money every day.

  • Students enjoy having their own PIN. It allows them to assume responsibility early in life. They’ll also learn how to budget their money.

  • Free and Reduced meal program students cannot be distinguished from full pay students.

  • Since less cash is handled, cashier lines will move more quickly.

  • All purchases will be logged so you can inquire what foods your child has purchased and we can tell you.

What Do I Do?

It’s easy. For new accounts, parents will receive a letter which provides a unique PIN number for every child you have attending our district. Students will pick up their food and enter their PIN through the secure keypad located near the cashier. The cashier will then tell them how much money is owed, if any. Cashiers will let the students know when their balances are getting low.

  • You may pay by cash or check. Make checks payable to Central Valley School District Cafeteria.

  • Students can turn in their deposits to the school office or the cafeteria cashier.

  • You can also write one check for multiple students in a school. Simply include a deposit form or note for each student with the single check.

Deposit forms are available by the cashiers in the cafeteria or in the school office.

This generation of children is at ease with this type of technology and has accepted the system with little or no difficulty. Please call the appropriate school office or the food services director with any questions.


Director of Food Services

Dominick Mauro
Central Valley Academy
111 Frederick St.
Ilion, NY 13357
Phone: 315-894-5000 ext 55302

Barringer Road Elementary

Lori Schulze, Head Cook
326 Barringer Road
Ilion, NY 13357
Phone: 315-894-5000 ext 65300

Fisher Elementary

Mary Szewczyk, Head Cook
10 Fisher Ave.
Mohawk, NY 13407
Phone: 315-894-5000 ext 71161

Jarvis Middle School

Lori Salvagni, Head Cook
28 Grove St.
Mohawk, NY 13407
Phone: 315-894-5000 ext 81113

Central Valley Academy

Dave VanVolkenburg, Head Cook
111 Frederick St.
Ilion, NY 13357
Phone: 315-894-5000 ext 55302