Performing Arts

The Central Valley Music Department strives for the highest possible level of performances with each of its performing groups. By participating in a performing ensemble, students will learn how to improve his or her singing/playing and be educated in a variety of musical styles through performance of various types of literature. Participation in a performing music group provides many long-term rewards that will benefit students including:

  • Life-long learning

  • Music appreciation

  • Self-expression and creativity

  • Self-discipline and work ethic

  • Self-worth, awareness and esteem

  • Collaboration and communication

  • Interdisciplinary learning

  • Artistic potential

Therefore, Central Valley Music Department’s main goal is to use music as a vehicle that will allow us to better prepare students for productive, enjoyable, and successful futures.

Calendar of Events

Music Event Calendar – View Central Valley Music Department calendar of events.

Handbook & Forms

Please contact Mark Bunce or your child’s music teacher if you need a copy of a form. Below find PDFs of the performing arts handbooks

Mission Statement

The Central Valley CSD Music Department strives to provide a foundation for life-long learners, listeners, and participants of music through a variety of musical experiences in the music classroom, rehearsals and performances. (download mission statement poster)


Fine Arts Department Chair

Mark Bunce
Central Valley Academy
111 Frederick St
Ilion, NY 13357
Phone: 315-895-7471


Michael Fenton, Barringer Road Elementary, Central Valley Academy

Amy Casale, Jarvis Middle School


Shawn DePalma, Jarvis Middle School, Central Valley Academy

Vocals/General Music

Mark  Bunce, Central Valley Academy

Andrea Nitti, Jarvis Middle School

Lorraine Burney, Barringer Road Elementary

Kim Pierce, Fisher Elementary