How does my student sign up for modified, JV, and varsity sports?

Sports sign ups are a simple process.

  • The school notifies grade 7-12 students through morning announcements and reminders in physical education classes of the sign-up window for each season's interscholastic sports.

  • The district notifies grade 7-12 parents/guardians via the district's voice/text/email system of the sign-up window for interscholastic sports.. The message is sent to the phone numbers or emails listed on each student's emergency contact form.

  • Students sign up in physical education classes or email the school nurse(s) directly.

  • Physical education teachers distribute blue cards (parent/guardian contact information and general health information), explain the need for an annual health physical, and explain academic eligibility requirements.

  • Students submit completed and signed blue cards to the school nurse.

  • Doctors submit proof of physical or students sign up for a school physical given on specific announced days over the summer.

  • Coaches reach out to students with their sport's details.