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Parent Today story calendar

Parent Today’s bi-monthly electronic newsletter encourages and empowers parents with research-based information and resources that supports parents and teachers and strengthens the bridge between families and the classroom. Each e-newsletter features four blog-type posts addressing topics related to the classroom, home life and school days for 21st century families. Editorial content is relevant to one or more of four “chapters” of a child’s educational journey: early learners, elementary, middle years and high school.

In addition to being responsive to current news and events related to families and education, Parent Today blog posts provide information families can use every day.

Below is the list of Parent Today stories run in 2014-15. Live links were reposted to the district website. Other stories are available on the Parent Today site.

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March 2015

  • There is value in standardized testing
  • Five things to read about in March
  • School budgets, politics and you
  • Common sayings make learning easy as pie

February 2015

  • I’m so mad I could just #$%@#%&
  • The important stuff not found in books.
  • Making pretzels together a recipe for early learning
  • Vaccine is best way to protect against highly contagious measles

January 2015

  • What will Phil say?
  • Schools’ intervention services help struggling students
  • Simple steps to support your child’s literacy journey
  • Take a healthy approach to pizza
  • The power of meaningful praise
  • Focus on learning over results promotes academic integrity
  • Online courses offer rigorous educational opportunities
  • It’s never too late for a flu shot

December 2014

  • Last-minute gifts that don’t have to cost anything
  • Toys that teach prove valuable long after the holidays
  • ‘Reading deeply’ not as easy on electronic devices
  • Writing tips for anyone who puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboard
  • Winter solstice: Shadows are longest, daylight is shortest this time of year

November 2014

  • The comfort of traditions
  • Thanksgiving is not just about Pilgrims
  • Roll up your sleeves for some science in the kitchen
  • College application essays can introduce the real you

October 2014

  •  I’m not afraid of that shadow under the stairs. Oh yes, I am!
  • Staying connected to your child’s classroom
  • Homework help: There’s an app for that
  • SAT revisions begin in 2015

September 2014

  • It’s not just a cold; EV-D68 a serious threat for some kids
  • Can we talk?
  • Routine gives preschoolers structure, security
  • The time to talk about depression and suicide is now

August 2014

  • Ways to save at back-to-school sales
  • In busy-ness of back-to-school, don’t let family time fall through the cracks
  • Seniors offer advice to freshman students
  • Help for back-to-school anxiety

July 2014

  • Making a difference as a part of your life
  • Roll up your sleeve, it’s time to donate blood
  • Get physical
  • Sing a little song, do a little dance

June 2014

  • Learning fun with football. Oh, that football.
  • Taking little steps toward independence
  • This was supposed to be a Father’s Day column
  • Graduates: Be bold and embrace your box of chocolates
  • What are you reading this summer?
  • You’re a grand old flag, you’re a high flying flag
  • Simple math: Texting + Driving = Bad News
  • My garden as my teacher

May 2014

  • Pause to honor the meaning of Memorial Day
  • ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams’
  • Seniors, stay focused for the final lap
  • Measles breaking out again as potential danger
  • A lesson in civic engagement

April 2014

  • ‘What a day for a daydream, custom made for a daydreamin’ boy’ or girl
  • Who knew craft time could be so educational?
  • School days should still have room for fun and celebration
  • It’s spring, be wary of ticks
  • April is National Autism Awareness Month
  • Professional development days good for teachers, and students
  • Parlez-vous français? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? ¿Habla usted español?
  • State makes changes to immunization requirements

March 2014

  • Teacher’s message: ‘They can do it ‘
  • School success builds on foundation of early literacy skills
  • More rest, less stress on test day
  • To test or not to test; that’s a tough question
  • The controversy over standardized tests, and why some arguments don’t hold up

February 2014

  • Heroin: Cheap high can have deadly consequences
  • February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
  • What would you like to discuss today, baby?
  • Lo-tech fun for snowy days

January 2014

  • Get ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count
  • The deal with data
  • Navigating college financial aid forms
  • Super fun during the big game
  • Graduation: Focusing on the endgame
  • A good start at learning pays dividends toward graduation
  • A dropout risk in first grade?
  • Rescuing the at-risk middle school student

December 2013

  • Have yourself a merry, and meaningful, little Christmas
  • Is Jack Frost nipping at your nose?
  • Timely tips for traveling with tikes
  • Da da da da da, squeak, squeak, squeak squeak
  • 12 Gifts for Christmas

November 2013

  • The first Thanksgiving: Pass the quahogs, please
  • Navigating the college application process
  • The connection between a good night’s sleep and good grades
  • Learning to be grateful
  • Getting it ‘just right:’ Teaching children about character
  • 7 dates in American history every child should know
  • Why we need to pay attention to our kids’ social media
  • Helping kids manage transition stress

October 2013

  • Kids love the USA, but don’t necessarily feel safe here
  • Tomorrow is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
  • Calming ‘Core’ anxiety of stressed-out students
  • How parents can help kids shift their learning to the Common Core
  • Get to know your child’s teacher(s)
  • Why I want my children to fail
  • Delivering classroom-based paradigms with synergistic effects … (Huh? )
  • Pre-test a college’s vibe at the local college fair

September 2013

  • Constitution Day is perfect time for historic reflection
  • APPR – What does it mean for your child?
  • Safety first in shifting social media scene
  • Solving the healthy lunch conundrum

August 2013

  • Preparing for the first day of school is about more than buying supplies
  • Beware the down side of social media
  • Making fitness fun is just a click away
  • Embrace learning in the final weeks of summer

July 2013

  • Family fun in a New York state of mind
  • Making the case for a summer unplugged
  • Letterboxing is outdoor, treasure-hunt adventure
  • Agricultural fairs offer educational opportunities