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Four pillars guide the district superintendent

Central Valley superintendent Jeremy Rich has been busy in his first months. He dealt with questions about the Remington building, hired new administrators, and monitored the capital project, all while learning a new job.

Although the specifics of that job differ from his previous role as a school principal, the principles that guide him have remained the same. He refers to them as the four pillars:

  • Academics—Teachers use best practices to engage students and provide them with the knowledge and skills to be successful in life. Students experience areas of study and new ideas that prompt them to think about their futures. Student success comes through their growth, not by a single score on a test.
  • Community—Area residents believe in education and are proud of Central Valley students and their accomplishments in their studies, athletics, the arts, and community service. In the same way, students are proud about their close-knit community that provides them with support to be successful in school and in life.
  • Morale—People working together can accomplish anything. Educators are proud of what they do and feel empowered to do even more. Students want to come to school. They are optimistic about their futures and work hard to make the most of their opportunity. Parents and community members see promise in the children and the community.
  • Fiscal responsibility—The community trusts the district to wisely invest its resources in areas that best serve students. At the same time, the district respects the community’s ability to support those programs and services.

As Mr. Rich moves ahead in the coming year, these four pillars will guide his decision-making.

“I want everyone to understand the why behind what I do,” he said.

“People need to know who I am and what motivates me if I hope to earn their trust and respect. I believe in children and education. I believe in the value of small towns and families and the role they play in raising children.

“I believe that when we as a community and school work together, we both succeed. Our students go on to become contributing members of our society. Our communities prosper as our children return home and build their lives.”