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Pop Art inspires students to create mural

Fisher Art Club MuralHolliewood Dance Studio in Herkimer, NY wanted to bring some color into the decor. The students in Fisher Elementary Art Club heard the news and quickly started working on a mural design.  The aspiring young artists worked together creating a piece of artwork based on the works of Pop Artist Keith Haring. Students learned he was first recognized in the 1980s by his chalk drawing murals in the New York City subways. His work was known as the Hallmark of Pop Culture.

Keith Haring was the perfect artist to study for this project.  He is famous for his linear style, bold colors and illusional movement in his work.   The students looked at many examples of Haring’s artwork before deciding on a concept. Students enjoyed working on the mural making the hours spent on the project seem minimal.

“This project was truly a collaborative effort by all the students who participated,” said Art Club Advisor Adrienne Watson.

“It was a great experience and the students were very proud of their work that is now on display at Holliewood Dance Studio.”

Fisher Art Club Mural