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Preserving our legacy

Photo of athletic trophiesA major challenge for Central Valley is how to honor Ilion and Mohawk Central Schools’ rich histories and how to honor the many accomplishments of those who attended those schools over the years.”Just walk through our buildings and look in the trophy cases, on our walls and in our sports facilities. You will see decades of trophies, banners, awards, scholarships and memorials. That history is what makes us who we are today. Even as we build our future, it is important to preserve our past,” said Superintendent of School Cosimo Tangorra.

The district is exploring ways to display the wide array of materials. Among the questions to be answered are which items belong in which buildings and how should those items be displayed.

Mr Tangorra explained that another challenge has been working with previous donors, a few of whom asked if their gifts could be returned. After speaking with the district’s attorney, school officials learned there is no legal vehicle for the district to return memorabilia or scholarship funds. Those items remain the property of Central Valley School District.

“People generously donated to their schools. As prescribed by the law, the new district will take those items and do its best to use them in the spirit of the original gift. The goal is to honor both communities and all we have accomplished, but at the same time to look ahead at all our new future holds,” he said.