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Are you reading Parent Today? If not, you’re missing out

Parent Today LogoRaising a child is hard and often confusing. All parents sometimes wonder if they are doing the right things to help their children get the most out of school and life.

Central Valley wants to help.

Central Valley offers parents a free—that’s right—a free electronic newsletter called “Parent Today.” Every two weeks, Parent Today presents helpful stories to parents of preschool, elementary, middle and high school students. Topics include everything from school topics to ways to help kids as they struggle to grow up.

“Parent Today is a simple way for parents to check in. As parents, we all want the best for our children, but sometimes we’re not sure what ‘best’ is,” said Superintendent Richard Hughes.

“The brief articles in Parent Today often affirm that we’re doing the right things. Other times they remind us of something we might be missing.”

Parents simply sign up online to have this award-winning e-newsletter delivered to in-boxes twice a month. Each issue tackles important, age-appropriate topics and offers accessible, easy-to-implement strategies. It also provides information to help families understand the dramatic changes taking place in school curriculum and public education. Subscribers can also access the Parent Today website for ongoing information and support in dealing with the challenges of raising an educated child.

To sign up for Parent Today, just click on the “Parent Today” icon on the district home page and follow the on-screen instructions. Use Central Valley’s code 13357. Or, sign up at

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